Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Omnibus Class

Here's my students in the Omnibus class. It has really been a blessing to brainwash, I mean teach them. They are all doing excellent. Its been just a little over a week and we've already read Chosen by God (RC Sproul), Genesis, and we are half way through Exodus. It's awesome seeing their minds grind and smoke as they reason things out and struggle through deep theological questions. For me, its heaven; its hard work but a blast.


Grandma of Many said...

Kenny, what an awesome picture of the students. Where is the picture of the teacher??? It is so wonderful what they are learning and getting into their hearts and minds. The Word of God will be there whenever needed. Thanks for taking your time to guide them through this marvelous course. I loved your quote and analogy on holding the hand.


Vickie said...

Great picture of the kids Kenny and I'm glad you love teaching them.