Saturday, September 22, 2007

Katrina having another mini-b-day

Katrina just got some presents in the mail from her Mummu (Grandma) and Papa Dean so she got to have another little mini-birthday. Here's a little video of it.


Ginger said...

Katrina you got a lot of really nice birthday presents. Wow..your baby doll is about as big as you are "Grin". You look so much like your mamma in this video...what a cutie!!!

PS: Katrina I especially liked the ending with you in the box...too funny and I would buy it if I saw it in a store "Grin"

Kenny Anderson said...

Actually that is Ellie in the box at the end. Should I let her out?

Kaija said...

I'm so happy that Katrina loves her baby. Thank you for sending us the video, brought a tear to my eye!!
Miss all of you and love you bunch.

Mummu and Papa Dean

Kaija said...

Ellie you are something!!!!! (the box)

King David said...

It was Fun!