Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Katrina and Grandpa Great

Today is Katrina's birthday; she is 2 years old. She is such a blessing to us. God is good. Here's a video of Katrina with Grandpa Great the day before he left us here in Oregon. (The video is not very good quality but still a good one)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Katrina. Can't believe you are two today. Thanks for the video Kenny but I am crying seeing and hearing my Dad. I sure miss him. Hope you had a great day sweet Katrina and love you all....Vickie

Grandma of Many said...

Happy Birthday Katrina but it is hard for Grandma not to cry. This will be a wonderful memory for you as you grow up. Cherish this memory with your Grandpa Great. He loved you very much. Kenny, thank you for this sweet memory of a wonderful Dad and a wonderful granddaughter.



Ginger said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Beautiful Little Katrina. You are sooooooo cute!

Kenny...what can I say through my tears but that once again you let us be blessed with another very precious moment captured in time with Dad and Katrina. Thank you an love you lots..Aunt Ginger

The Goldman Family said...

What a great video! Katrina is a real sweetie! And as funny as can be. Seeing her at her birthday party will be fun.
I miss Grandpa great, so very much! That was great to see...yet it sad he is gone, I miss Grandpa Taco!
Thanks Kenny