Monday, November 23, 2009

My Thanksging List of What I'm Thankful For...

I'm Thankful:

  • For past times, present times and the end of time
  • For trials behind me around me and ahead of me
  • For victories won and victories lost
  • For excitement and disappointment
  • For doors opened after knocking and for finding after seeking
  • For phases of fortune and phases of failure
  • For pleasures and for pains
  • For tears of laughter and tears of sorrow
  • For struggles, stress and suffering
  • For jolly, joy and joking
  • For vocals and instruments
  • For festival and festivity
  • For quiet times and tranquility
  • For fantasy, fiction, story and legend
  • For history, reality, biography and life
  • For big things and small things
  • For friends and for family
  • For fathers of the faith, founding fathers, my father and future fathers
  • For my grandmothers, my mother and my children’s mother
  • For stepping stones and a full quiver
  • For ancient landmarks and the land of promise
  • For the land of the free and the home of the brave
  • For patriotism and patriots
  • For a loving wife to live with and to love
  • For rest, recreation and relaxation
  • For energy, entertainment and exertion
  • For feast, food and fun
  • For cottage cheese, fettuccine alfredo, scalloped and stuffed potatoes, cheese omelets and filet mignon
  • For celebration and moderation
  • For balance and extreme
  • For spontaneity and for sameness
  • For change and for custom
  • For reform and ritual
  • For technology and tradition
  • For holidays, Sabbath days and work days
  • For old school and new school
  • For silence and for singing
  • For drinks and for drinking
  • For waking and for sleeping
  • For intellectual language of the head and poetic language of the heart
  • For right brain and left brain
  • For sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch
  • For sex and the sexes
  • For roles and responsibility
  • For intimacy and familiarity
  • For indoor plumbing, electricity, high-speed internet, laptops, iPhones and inventions
  • For showers, insulation, carpet, beds, couches, dining tables and bathrooms
  • For refrigerators and ovens
  • For transportation and communication
  • For digital and paper
  • For discipline and discipleship
  • For authority and submission
  • For shepherds and for sheep
  • For new books and old books
  • For new beer and old wine
  • For new life and old wisdom
  • For creation and creativity
  • For old paths and future trails
  • For light and for darkness
  • For sunny days and starry nights
  • For the galaxies, constellations, sun, moon and stars
  • For mountains, trees, oceans, deserts, sunsets and streams
  • For things only seen in a microscope and things only seen in a telescope
  • For the bottom of the oceans and for the top of the mountains
  • For campfires and camping
  • Leisure and luxuries
  • For past memories and future maybes
  • For the destination and the drive there
  • For life and living
  • For liberty and Law
  • For God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility
  • For unconditional election, undeserved grace, unwarranted mercy and unmerited favor
  • For getting what I don’t deserve and for not getting what I do deserve
  • For predestination and free will
  • For being chosen and choosing
  • For the cross and for the crown
  • For being fearfully and wonderfully made
  • For the great and faithful cloud of witnesses that lead me through the wilderness of the future unknown
  • For covenantal blessings and covenantal cursings
  • For fiery trials and the fires of hell
  • For covenant church membership and church members
  • For unity and diversity
  • For the ancient and venerable triad of truth, goodness and beauty
  • For theology, philosophy, theonomy, ecclesiology and eschatology
  • For Calvinism, Presuppositionalism and Postmillennialism
  • For love – storge, philia, eros and agape
  • For orthodoxy and orthopraxy
  • For the Lion and the Lamb
  • For lost hope and a living hope
  • For the bread and for the wine; for the Body and for the blood
  • For miraculous gifts and ordinary gifts
  • For God’s transcendence and His gracious immanence
  • For God’s incredible otherness and His intimate oneness
  • For God’s sovereign providential and caring hand in history
  • For the King’s throne and the King’s table
  • For the Golden Chain of Salvation and the Golden Rule of Sanctification
  • For an all-powerful God who forgives and an all-knowing God who forgets
  • For corporate worship and the private prayer closet
  • For liturgy where God calls us, cleanses us, consecrates us, communes with us and commissions us.
  • For Old Testament types and shadows that tell of the ChristFor the myriad of promises to Israel fulfilled in Christ
  • For the Old Covenant and the New Covenant
  • For Creeds and Confessions
  • For the inerrant, infallible and inspired Word of God
  • For God the Father, for God the Son and for God the Holy Spirit

Monday, September 21, 2009

Things Unseen

"Few things have the power to fashion in us utter trust in God and deep conformity to the character of Jesus Christ like suffering does. Few things build our faith and refine our faith like it does. What others intend for evil, God uses for good. He takes trials of many kinds and from them makes possible in us the heart of His Son. And to become like Christ is our everlasting destiny. Thus, such trials achieve for us an eternal glory that far outweighs all else." - From the book Things Unseen by Mark Buchanan

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bullies and Bums

Here's a message I gave a few weeks ago on godly husbands... I'm trying to find the copy of the one I did before it for the wives so I can upload that also...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just Do Something

This is from Kevin DeYoung's book "Just Do Something" - The full name of the book is "Just Do Something: How to Make a Decision Without Dreams, Visions, Fleeces, Open Doors, Random Bible Verses, Casting Lots, Liver Shivers, Writing in the Sky, etc."

"Passivity is a plague among Christians. It's not just that we don't do anything; it's that we feel spiritual for not doing anything. We imagine that our inactivity is patience and sensitivity to God's leading. At times it may be; but it's also quite possible we are just lazy. When we hyper-spiritualize our decisions, we can veer off into impulsive and foolish decisions. But more likely as Christians we fall into endless patterns of vacillation, indecision, and regret. No doubt, selfish ambition is a danger for Christians, but so is complacency, listless wandering, and passivity that pawns itself off as spirituality. Perhaps our inactivity is not so much waiting on God as it is an expression of the fear of man, the love of the praise of man, and disbelief in God's providence." (pp. 50-51)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hey Jude

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Patriot Act Being Used Against a 16 Year Old Homeschooler

We should just give Iraq our constitution; we're not using it. The only problem in this video is when she says "I don't believe in guns."

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When Pigs Fly

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The Human Slinky

Friday, April 17, 2009

John Bunyan Poem

Run, John, run, the law commands
But gives us neither feet nor hands,
Far better news the gospel brings:
It bids us fly and gives us wings.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Resurrection Day

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


10. The church bus has gun racks.

9. The church staff consists of Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor and Socio-pastor.

8. The Bible they use is the "Dr. Seuss Version."

7. There's an ATM in the lobby.

6. Choir wears leather robes.

5. Worship services are B.Y.O.S. -- "Bring Your Own Snake."

4. No cover charge, but communion is a two-drink minimum.

3. Karaoke Worship Time.

2. Ushers ask, "Smoking or Non-smoking?"

1. The only song the organist knows is "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida."

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Amazing people

Amazing people and one idiot...