Friday, March 16, 2007

Are you keeping the Ten Commandments?

Have you put other gods before God?

  • Is He the #1 priority in every area, both private and public, of your life?
  • Do you keep Him first in your life?
  • Does your mind automatically drift toward something or someone else besides God during the day?
  • Is He Lord of all in your life?
  • Do you fear God and God alone?
  • Is your mouth monotheistic but your actions polytheistic?
  • Do you put yourself before God?
  • Do you put power or position or possessions before God?
  • Are you keeping the Ten Commandments?

Have you taken the Lord’s name in vain?

  • Do you use swearing or cursing in vain or apart from God?
  • Is your speech or living marked by profanity?
  • Have you used the curse that is worthy of death?
  • Is your speech, in reference to God, free of blasphemy?
  • Do you speak about God flippantly or disrespectfully?
  • Do you call yourself by His name (Christian) and live like a heathen?
  • Does your car have a fish on the bumper and a middle finger out the window?
  • Does your t-shirt say “Jesus” and your life say “Self”?
  • Does your worship say Allelu-Ya and your life say Allelu-me?
  • Are you keeping the Ten Commandments?

Do you commit murder?

  • Are you violent toward others in inappropriate ways?
  • Have you ever hated a friend or relative?
  • Have you ever called anyone you know an idiot?
  • Are you kind and considerate and accepting and understanding?
  • Do you have anger issues that control you sometimes?
  • Are you involved in self-destructive behavior?
  • Have you “murdered” someone’s reputation through gossip?
  • Does your work ethic violate the law against murder?
  • Do you promote and defend life in your sphere of influence?
  • Is there blood on your hands because of your silence or apathy?
  • Are you keeping the Ten Commandments?

Do you commit adultery?

  • Have you ever looked at someone, you weren’t married to, with lust?
  • Has your mind and thoughts always been 100% clean?
  • Have you ever looked at a magazine or a poster too long?
  • Men, have you ever kept looking at an immodest woman?
  • Ladies, have you ever dressed so as to get attention of men?
  • Have you ever watched a movie or TV show that you shouldn’t?
  • Have you ever lusted in the reading of a book?
  • Have you ever been on websites that you shouldn’t?
  • Are you faithful to your roles as a man or as a woman?
  • Is your marriage honorable in the sight of God?
  • Is your heart given to something or someone other than your mate?
  • Do you think on things are honorable and pure?
  • Are you keeping the Ten Commandments?
And these are just 4 out of 10

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