Monday, February 25, 2008

Jesus or Blessings?

Do you value Jesus more than you value what Jesus can do for you?

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Anonymous said...

I have some beef with this: See, the simple question "Do you value Jesus more than you value what Jesus can do for you?" is a cheat. It's like me asking "Does my daughter value me more than the candy I can buy her?". What do you think the correct answer would be? I cannot say, no matter how much it hurts, that she values me as a person, quite simply because she doesn't have the abstract understanding to value me for myself. She sees me, and she remembers what I've done for her. If I've been bad to her, she would not value me as much. If I've been good to her, she'll tell me she loves me. Would it be fair to question her love for me, simply because she bases it on the things I can do for her?

In other words, I love God. I love the fact that he saved me, and the fact that he provides for me. I love all he is and all he does, as well. I cannot separate one from the other. In fact, Scripture says that he how is forgiven the most, loves the most. Would you say that is fair? to love more simply because I have been forgiven the most? I don't think so. I think God loves us and wants us to love him too. But beyond that, I think he LOVES to provide good deeds to his children.