Monday, February 11, 2008

The "Insanity" of Luther - R. C. Sproul

The Holiness of God - R.C. Sproul -


Grandma of Many said...

Kenny, thanks for the video by R.C. Sprou on "The Insanity of Luther. Luther was an awesome man that truly gave a gift to us. The Holiness of God is far beyond what we can ever imagine. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

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bradlee sargent said...

Luther was truly insane. He couldn't make up his mind. At one point he's with the Pope, the next moment, he calls the Pope the anti-christ. He makes a lifelong vow and commitment before almighty God to live a single life and then marries a nun who had done the exact same thing. Whatever happened to integrity?

bradlee sargent said...

If you knew what Luther said about the Jews, I wonder how you could say that he is a gift.