Thursday, August 09, 2007

Paul Washer short video

This is a clip of the "shocking" youth message that Paul Washer gave that I posted on this blog a while back. If you haven't watched it maybe this clip will inspire you to do so. He has many great messages that are really changing the way I look at Christ, the cross and Christianity.


Kaila Anderson said...

That is so impacting!

Destiny said...

Yea, it really is! I watched that whole video by him and then I watched it again with my family... they all loved it and so did:) He is really good about not just being one of those "Loving Preachers" well, in a way is being loving because he is telling you the truth. I like this short video, great post Pastor Kenny:D

The Goldman Family said...

So inspiring!
Thanks, that was awesome! I am going to go back and watch the other one again!