Sunday, August 05, 2007

New baby boy - no name yet

7 Pounds 2 Ounces
20 inches
1 boy


Vickie said...

Hey Anderson Gang, Grandparents, Congrats on your new son/Grandson and new baby brother.I hear you did great Liisa. He is one handsome boy. Love you guys and Liisa you rest and rest and rest some more....Vickie

John said...

Congrats! See, I knew it. That's why we called last night. Just felt it was time. So you have a boy. Cool. Hope you don't name him SUE! Anyway, I'm glad that your son is healthy and is truly bless to join your family.

Destiny said...

You had a BOY!!! He is sooooo cute:) I cant wait till I can see him:)

david said...


Ginger said...

Kenny and Liisa...congratulations on a new bundle of boy...oh joy..they are one and the same "Grin". Yeah...what a beautiful baby; can't wait for more pics and of course a name to put with that cute face. Love Aunt Ginger

Dottie, Grandma Dot or Mom said...

Kenny & Liisa,

I just cried when you told me last night. I am so excited for both of you and your family and of course am so happy to have a new Anderson grandchild. I can hardly wait to hold that new grandbaby of ours. He is so cute and handsome. You both did good. May God give him blessings beyond measure. I love Bora Bora but am sad that I am not able to hold him and kiss him and tell him and you how much I love you.


Grandma Dot and Grandpa Ken (Mom)

Kenny Anderson said...

Thanks for the comments everyone... I am one blessed dad and so proud of Liisa.