Saturday, August 18, 2007

Karissa's Birthday

I wanted to write a little in honor of Karissa (her birthday is Aug 17th). She is a blessing in so many ways. She is always adorned in a sweet and quiet spirit. She is truly a Proverbs 31 woman in the making: "Her worth is far above rubies. Her [dad] safely trusts her. She seeks wool and flax [and anything else they sell at JoAnns or Michaels ] and willingly works with her hands." She is always willing to help with the younger children. She is always happy and humble enough to play with the younger children. She loves sewing and painting and scrapbooking and dancing and piano and classical music and sign language and all kinds of other wonderful things for a 15 year old to love. She is just every dad's dream daughter. I'm so blessed by her in so many ways. She is kind and submissive and compassionate and helpful. She always puts others (including her brothers and sisters) before herself. She doesn't have to be the first in line or have the best seat or get the most attention. She is a godly woman and she is going to make some undeserving man a happy husband some day (if he survives me ;). She is a blessing to her entire family and is a true picture of femininity and virtue. It is a pleasure being her father. Happy 15th birthday Karissa!!!


Dottie, Grandma Dot or Mom said...


I totally agree with you description of Karissa and it was awesome what you wrote. She is a beloved granddaughter who is loved by her grandparents. Happy Birthday Karissa.


Grandma Dot

Vickie said...

Very nice what you wrote about Karissa and all so very true. She is one sweet girl and fun to be around except when she beats me at cards lol lol. Happy Birthday Karissa and may you have many more ...Hugggs...Vickie

Anonymous said...

Well said!!!
We wholly agree and it is a great joy to be around her.
She is an example to all..
"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example for the belivers in life in love in faith and in purity"
this is true of Karrisa!!!
We love her here at the Deems household!
Mrs. Deems

John said...


Ginger said...

Just being around Karissa while visiting Oregon this summer I saw the beautiful girl she is now and the wonderful grown woman she will become. Happy Birthday Karissa. Love Aunt Ginger

Destiny said...

Karissa has always been the best friend I could ever have!!! She is just what you said about her:)I truly don't deserve to be called her best friend (That is if I am:). Happy Birthday KARISSA!!!

Lots of Love,

Ellie Anderson said...

Happy birthday Karissa.