Friday, May 23, 2008

Atheists Are All Hypocrites

One of the favorite critiques of the church and Christianity by atheists and evolutionists is that the church is full of hypocrites. What a hypocritical critique. It is the Darwinian evolutionists, the so-called secularists, that are secretly Christian. They are the closet Christians. It is the secularists that are cheating and faking and pretending. Hypocrisy means to wear a mask like a stage player. It is the secularists who are acting like Christians.

No one really acts like an evolutionist. The secularists are cheating. No one really acts like a Darwinist. The secularists are stealing. They are stealing from the Christian worldview. They are not going around and randomly butchering or raping or eating each other. These secularists are acting as if life had meaning and significance. They are acting like they believed in morality. They are acting as if they believed in the Christian idea of right and wrong or good and evil.

You can always count on the atheist to ask the question "how could an All-Knowing and All-Loving God allow evil to happen in the world?" See what I mean? What a hypocritical question. They claim to live in a solely material world of randomness but that very question that they ask presupposes that there is such a thing as evil in the world. The have to steal from our worldview (of good and evil) in order to prove our worldview is false. What hypocrisy!

The secularist has no basis for ethics. As Cornelius Van Til put it: "All the optimistic theories of non-Christian ethics may be compared with men who think that they can leave this earth in a balloon. It is a contradiction in terms to think that one can leave this earth by earthly means and materials. Every balloon is bound to return to earth sooner or later. So every optimistic non-Christian theory of ethics is bound to return to pessimism sooner or later." Any optimism or certainty about ethics from an atheist is pure hypocrisy. Non-Christian ethics are nothing but relativity and randomness dressed in Christian clothes.

If the secularist really believes he is just a result of random chance or an accident (a toss of the cosmic dice) than why doesn't he act like it. Why does the secularist act as if there was such a thing as transcendent value and worth in the universe? I can't be an evolutionist or an atheist because they are all hypocrites. They don't really act like evolutionists. They don't go around raping and eating each other like animals. So, until they start walking the walk instead of just talking the talk; until they start living up to their own faith and beliefs I am not going to be going to their "church." They are all just a bunch of hypocritical closet-Christians.


David Kruse said...

Ok, this time I READ it! And what do I have to say? Terrific! You know your stuff. I enjoy reading your blog and I can't wait for the next post. Keep being that great uncle, teacher, & presuppositional preacher!

Grandma of Many said...

Great article on atheists are all hypocrites Kenny. How did David beat me. What you said is so true and it is eye opening. Love, Mom