Thursday, January 03, 2008

Looking Back - Charles Spurgeon

"The knowledge of God is the great hope of sinners. Oh, if you knew Him better, you would fly to Him! If you understood how gracious He is, you would seek Him. If you could have any idea of His holiness, you would loathe your self-righteousness. If you knew anything of His power, you would not venture to contend with Him. If you knew anything of His grace, you would not hesitate to yield yourself to Him."

~ Charles Spurgeon


Grandma of Many said...

What an awesome quote by Charles Spurgeon. He sure was a great man of God. Thanks for sharing these with us Kenny. Love, Mom

Destiny Jane said...

That is an awesome quote Uncle Kenny!
Thank you so much for fixing up my computer... I am using it right now as I typ... You are so wonderful and I am so blessed that you are my Uncle, Preacher, and Teacher! Thanks for everything!

Liisa said...

That is such a powerful quote! How true that is. That really makes you understand why it is so important to study theology. Thanks for studying and teaching us (your family and the church) all about His holiness, His mercy, His wrath, and the many other attributes about our Triune God.

I love you!