Friday, October 26, 2007

Our 16th Anniversary today!

Except Thou build it, Father,
The house is built in vain;
Except Thou, Saviour, bless it,
The joy will turn to pain;
But none can break the marriage
Of hearts in Thee made one,
And the Love Thy Spirit hallows
Is endless love begun.

Today was Liisa and my 16th anniversary. Everyday with her is better than the last. I thank God for giving me such a blessed wife. She is my best friend and, 2nd to God, my highest joy and pleasure. She gives, serves, blesses, inspires, comforts, delights, and loves like no other the world has ever seen. I love her more now than ever and thank God for giving an undeserving guy like me the best gift man could ever imagine.

"An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her"
(Pro 31:10-11)


Jared Kruse said...

Hey Uncle Kenny. Did you know that I have a blog. And you have a neat blog. Bye.

The Goldman Family said...

Congrats Kenny. I agree Liisa is awesome!! And you also are a super wonderful husband to her! Happy anniversary to you both! Love ya

John said...

Congrats from us too. As the "old married couple"(compared to you two), you can come to us for advice at any time. It just seems like yesterday we came up there for your double wedding. It also seems like we had already been married for at least 20 years at that time.

Ginger said...

Kenny and Liisa...the best of congratulations to each of you. What a beautiful and blessed tribute you gave to Liisa. You both are keepers and a wonderful couple. Love to both of you.

PS: Wow...this must be the year of 16th anniversaries. The Andersons, Kruses, Clouds and Wests. What a Club 16 we make!

The Goldman Family said...

Aunt Liisa is a wonderful woman and deserves the second best husband(and dad)... well, I guess your the best fore your family.

Ellie Anderson said...

hey dad,
I miss you and Kaila.
love you.

Karissa Anderson said...

Hi Dad,
How are you doing? I sure miss you, and I am really mad I missed your sermon. I hope you did a video of it. Love you, -bye

VICKIE said...

Wow Kenny congrats on being married 16 years and I must say you do have a wonderful wife and so sweet...