Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Find the books of the Bible

Ray Comfort posted this and I thought it was kind of fun. See how many books of the Bible you can find in the paragraph below. There are 20 of them. Let me know how many you find. There is a link at the bottom with the answers but don't cheat.

There are 20 books of the Bible lurking somewhere in this paragraph. Those able to find all of them will hear great lamentations from those who have to be shown. One revelation that may help is that books like Timothy and Samuel may occur without their numbers. Also, keep in mind, that punctuation and spaces in the middle are normal. A chipper attitude will help you. (People love these kinds of puzzles, something in our genes is responsible.) While you’re looking, let’s consider an important question. You probably consider yourself to be a good person, but are you good enough to go to Heaven? From answers to the following questions, we’ll find out… Have you ever told a lie? Have you ever stolen anything, (regardless of its value)? Have you ever used God’s name in vain? And just one more, have you ever looked at someone with lust (sexual desire)? Answer all of these truthfully. Now comes the bad news. If you’ve told lies, that makes you a liar – that's a fact. Steal just one time, and that makes you a thief. If you’ve used God’s name in vain, that’s blasphemy. And Jesus said that if you’ve looked at someone with lust, you’ve committed adultery in your heart. These are just a few of God’s Laws (the Ten Commandments) that you’re guilty of breaking. When God judges you, you’re in a jam; especially since He has given you a conscience. (Isn’t it true that every time you’ve done wrong, you knew it?) God’s place of punishment for those who break his laws is Hell, forever. But God did a most remarkable thing so that you wouldn’t have to go to Hell. Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment for our sins, then he rose again defeating death. If you repent and put your faith in Him, you will be saved. The truth is that you are not a good enough to go to Heaven; it’s your job to admit it. Use your God-given will to live—let it drive you to turn from your sin (repentance) and put your faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. Humble yourself and talk to God in prayer right now. Find a Bible believing church to fellowship at, and start reading your Bible every day—start with the book of John. We’re almost to the end of the puzzle. If you didn’t find all the Bible books, don’t let it get on your nerves. There is a website you can go to:

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Liisa said...

That's a good one Honey! Of course I found them all right away! I'm glad you're posting again.

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