Monday, March 24, 2008

The buttocks and the soul

I just read this from Rich Lusk and had to share it (very good):

  • "The psalmist speaks of bowing and kneeling before the Lord [Ps 95]. These physical postures are not arbitrary. What we do with our bodies in worship matters. Not only do physical motions express the emotions of the heart, from inside out, but they also shape the heart from the outside in. We may not feel particularly humble one Sunday morning, but kneeling with our bodies to confess sin helps adjust our frame of mind. God desires us to worship with our whole persons, not just our minds or hearts. The biblical worldview distinguishes soul and body, but there is no sharp separation between interiority and exteriority. For example, Proverbs teaches us that corporeal punishment shapes the heart of the child. The buttocks and the soul are somehow connected. In the book of Samuel, physical food enlivens one’s spirit. Food doesn’t just satisfy the stomach; it affects the whole person. When the Israelites rebelled in their hearts, they are called “stiff necked,” indicating that bodily posture (refusal to bow the head) revealed an inner attitude pride. The (external) music of David soothed Saul’s (inner) spirit. And so on."

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